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recent study published in the Europe Heart Journal links the use of NSAIDs with a 31% increase in heart attacks. It further says “The findings are a stark reminder that NSAIDs are not harmless.” Swap the pain for a potential heart attack – not exactly an even trade is it?

Pain can be useful.  When you sprain an ankle, the pain tells you to stay off it.  If you eat some bad chicken, the stomach pain and ensuing purge tells you not to eat any more.  Pain, like many other symptoms, is the body’s attempt to save itself. While our emotions want relief, the body wants health. Continuing to medicate away your body’s natural survival response can eventually backfire.

Remember, with drugs there are no such things as ‘side’ effects… only effects.  Don’t be fooled by the ones Big Pharma can make money with. Instead, find and fix the CAUSE of your symptoms and your body will have no more need for them.

Common painkillers linked to increase risk of cardiac arrest


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