Consistent Patient Education Made Easy

Fresh Patient Education Content every week and themed New Patient Marketing Materials every month.

What the Heck is a Sticky?

It’s a weekly Chiropractic subscription that educates patients and sharpens staff communications skills in a novel way. Keep your patients engaged with their care, even after the pain goes away.

Based on the best selling book  Made to Stick,  Stickies convey the value of Lifetime Chiropractic in a way your patients can easily understand.

Every week, receive a new  Sticky that motivates your patients to stay on schedule and share the Chiropractic story.  Great for ROFs, Orientations and Daily Table Talk.

“Handing out the Weekly Sticky is like sending patients home with your best CA to educate their family and friends on ChiropracTIC.”

Robert Garfinkel, DC

Bellmore, NY

“I‘ve enjoyed MANY compliments on these Stickies.  Just last week I had a patient who works in marketing share how much she enjoys them.”

Jeff Leach, DC

Plymouth, MN

“Hey Docs, are you sharing these with your patients? I put them in each adjustment room door so my patients will get a new message every week.”

Rick Franks, DC

Greenboro, GA

How Do They Work?


Each week you’ll be notified by email when a new Sticky is published. Simply click the links to your subscription features and share them with your community.   You can…

1Personalize and Print Stickies with your contact info and weekly office announcements. (MS Word required)

2Share the online Weekly Sticky to all your Facebook fanpage, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin accounts.

3Blast Emails to your patient list or Blog Stickies to your website using the HTML version for simple coding.*

*on your exisiting email and website platforms

Why Do They Work?

Stickies incorporate six essential S.U.C.C.E.S.s elements from Chip and Dan Heath’s best selling book Made to Stick  – making your Chiropractic message clear and memorable.  In other words, STICKY!

The best thing – you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  We’ve done all the creative work for you.  No writing, no photo-shopping, no extra work!

Just put your name on them and hand them out – Simple for Staff to implement!

Premium Subscriber Bonuses…

New Patient Marketing

Automate your marketing with our themed promotional materials.  No re-inventing the wheel.  A fresh New Patient Marketing idea every month.


Archive Access

If you have a difficult doctor-patient issue, there’s a Sticky to handle it.  Just search through our indexed archives and download what you need.

DC Referral Map

Get your office listed on our International Referral Map and enhance your SEO / Google Rankings.

What Chiropractors Worldwide are Saying…

Love The Weekly Sticky.  Have been using them in the office every week.  Great patient education tool!  Thanks Rob!

Patty Barge, DC

Man-o-manishevitz your Sticky’s are the greatest patient education tool I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work,

Elliott Segal, DC

We print out three, put them in a plastic covers and give them to patients to read as soon as they enter the office,

Dale Forsythe, DC

They are the ultimate conversation piece everyday in my office.  I take them to every screening that we do,

Dr. Dave J. Espinoza

Hey, you are really doing a service to the profession.  I use your Stickies every week and they are awesome.

Dr. Richie Barone

Amazing job finding the right picture to go with a perfect message.  Thanks for sharing this gift so we can pass it on!

Dr. Bryn Gillow

Thank you for perpetuating the principle and straight chiropractic.  It’s short and straight to the point.

Jonathan Verderame, DC

I plan to use these for the office’s fanpage.  It’s refreshing to see a service that truly is patient-oriented.

Timothy Murzycki, DC

Put Your Patient Education on Automa-TIC

Unlike any other patient education products on the market, Stickies put Principled Chiropractic first – educating patients in a novel way EVERY WEEK, to build greater appreciation for their Chiropractic care.

If you’re struggling with low retention, and inconsistent education – sign up today and let Weekly Stickies raise your Chiropractic influence to a new level.  Sign up below!

Take the Work out of Patient Education and Marketing

Fresh Patient Education Content every week and themed New Patient Marketing Materials every month. – Sign Up Below!

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