If You Go to Midas…


...you're going to walk out with a muffler. It's expected. That's what they sell. That's what they install. That's what they're good at providing. If you walk out with something else - you should be surprised.

If you go to a medical doctor for a solution to your health problems, don't be surprised when you walk out with something other than a diagnosis, a prescription or orders for PT. That's their wheel house - they're not trained to offer natural, holistic solutions to your problem. It's in their nature is to medicate from the 'outside-in'. Although there are times when drug or surgical intervention is necessary, if you're looking for ways to help your body heal itself from the 'inside-out,' you're in the wrong office.

A Principled ChiropracTIC office (one that adheres to the original 33 Philosophical Principles of practice) on the other hand, is a different story. There, you won't be provided a temporary chemical patch for your symptoms or health complaints. You'll be analyzed for vertebral subluxations and ADJUSTED when and where necessary. You'll leave with a clear Nerve System and a certainty that your body is in a better state to HEAL ITSELF. If you walk out with something other than that - definitely be surprised.


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