Fall Back with Chiropractic


Fall is here and it’s time to turn the clocks back. That means shorter days, longer nights and less daylight – much like what your body experiences when it’s in a subluxated state.

The literal definition of subluxation is a ‘state of less LIGHT’ or power. Subluxations happen when vertebrae mis-align and restrict the normal flow of power through the spinal cord and nerves, leaving your body with less Life energy to maintain health and vitality. In other words, your body is forced to work in ‘darkness’ because the light is dimmed at your back.

When Chiropractors locate and correct subluxations, they unblock nerve energy so it flows freely through the body, illuminating every cell, tissue and organ. If sub-lux-ations produce darkness in your health, Chiropractic adjustments bring EN-LIGHTEN-MENT.  So don’t let the shorter, darker days of autumn get you down. Fall back into a healthy routine with Chiropractic. Life stays bright when you’re subluxation free.


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